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      VideoOnDemand Is The Wave Of The Future And It Is Here NOW!

With VodConcepts.com you can:
  • Place your video content on the Internet easily and inexpensively for the world to see.
  • Offer Video On Demand and Pay By The Minute Streaming for your content and add it to your web site for a fraction of what it costs to develop your own software and purchase your own state of the art hardware.
  • Save time because VodConcepts.com supports the marketing and advertising of your content so you can reach millions of high-speed Internet users around the world.
  • Offer your customers the chance to watch what they want, when they want and pay by the minute (Micro Payments) using our software.
  • Get in on the wave of the future because there are no monthly membership fees or other charges. People love this billing model and return repeatedly to view content that interests them.
Key Features Of Our VOD Product Offering
  • No cost to you for our services
  • Digital Rights Management (DRM) enables secure content so it cannot be copied or pirated and is only viewed by the person who paid for it
  • We provide hosting, streaming, bandwidth, encoding, reporting, and billing for our clients
  • Module that allows our clients to bill the end user
  • Brand your front end so that your company name is on the web site
  • Total web site integration for specific applications
Addition Information
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