What We Do?

The growth of the Internet and of technology is rapidly changing the buying habits of the majority of people for music, video and other products. In an era of instant gratification customers want a large selection of all kinds of goods and they want them quickly. Many experts agree that within the next ten years almost all movie and video sales will take place on the Internet. Apple has sold fourteen million Ipods. People are comfortable with paying for and downloading their music from the Internet. Many people do not want to purchase entire CDís but only want a song or two and downloading enables this.

Using VodConcepts.com the user is able to watch what they want when they want from any computer. They no longer are forced to purchase or rent an entire video or DVD. They can stream part or all of your content from their computer and pay a low cost per minute to watch it.

VodConcepts.com takes your content, encodes it and posts it on the Internet for the world to see.

You are able to avoid or supplement physical inventory, packaging, shipping, retail distribution, and middlemen. Your content will be available to over three hundred million Internet users worldwide.

If we like your content and believe it has worldwide appeal there is no cost for our services.